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Nesting supports industrial groups and start-ups in the smart-city sector, helping them draw up and implement their development strategies. We also work with public authorities to catalyze the construction of smart urban territories.


Nesting invests in European start-ups and has launched a European investment fund specializing in smart cities. Bringing together public and private financing, this fund is helping European champions emerge and supporting cities in their transition to a low-carbon economy.


Nesting has developed the SMARTCITY NOW! project, a touring exhibition presenting full-scale innovative solutions for cities of the future under real conditions.


Tomorrow’s world will be very urban!

75% of the world's population – i.e. 6.3 billion people or 2 out of 3 people on earth – will be living in cities by 2050! (Source: Navigant Research)


The smart-city market will be growing almost 20% a year by 2020 (Source: Grand View Research)


By 2025, 37 megacities with a population of more than 10 million people will occupy 2% of the world's surface…


… consuming 75% of the energy produced on earth and generating 80% of its anthropogenic CO2. (Source: Navigant Research)

Sustainable Digital Cities

A European Project



Alhambra, the first sustainable city

Dominating the Spanish city of Granada, the Alhambra is a remarkable testimony to Andalusian architecture. Added to the ancient urban structures, innovative water-management techniques and gardens incorporated into this urban environment make the Alhambra the first model of a sustainable city.



HAMBURG, a smart port

Thanks to its hyper-connected port, the free city of Hamburg is open to the world. Equipped with sensors and heavily automated, the port's new infrastructures make extensive use of renewable energy. The HafenCity – one of Europe's most ambitious urban projects – is now emerging on the brownfield site of the old port.



SMART CITY made in France

With their economy, environment, forms of mobility, energy, and habitat governance, French cities have major assets to achieve what smart cities promise. But can we talk about a 'French model' for smart cities?



VIENNA, a model Smart City

The former imperial capital has accelerated its move into the modern world by drawing up a smart-city strategy based on three pillars: quality of life, resource management, and innovation. The Aspern quarter is emerging as a testing ground for a sustainable digital city.



1,000 solutions for a more sustainable world

How can we achieve cleaner mobility, energy-neutral buildings, and industrial processes that emit less CO2? By developing lucrative technology that creates the jobs, profit, and sustainable growth needed throughout the world. The Nesting Company is a partner of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.



ESSEN, a city's ecological transformation

The former mining town – symbol of the Ruhr region's industrial tradition – has reinvented a coal-free, pollution-free future for itself. As the green capital of Europe, Essen's energy transition is built on public-private partnerships and a major renovation plan.

CEO’s Message


The Nesting Company

Gonzague Dejouany set up The Nesting Company – a consulting firm specializing in smart cities – after 20 years' experience in the utilities, environment, and energy sectors. Gonzague was previously CEO of EDF in Germany. In addition, he has run Veolia in Switzerland and contributed to the Veolia Group's international development in Europe. Heavily involved in economic cooperation between France and Germany, Gonzague founded the Franco-German Economic Circle in Berlin. He is currently president of the Franco-German think tank Ensemble, and is promoting the project for a European investment fund specializing in smart cities.


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